Site Information

P141K@MS2 is the school’s main site. The site has students in grades K-8 in six classrooms all with a 12:1:1 ratio. The site hosts our wellness grant committee, which has started a recycling program in the school.

Classes @MS2 have a twice-a-week STEAM class with a specialty teacher. “STEAM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. It is an approach to learning that integrates all these subjects to engage in inquiry, dialogue, experiential learning and problem-solving.

Units of Study this year consisted of recycling and our waste problem, NYC’s tap water – how it works & its benefits, and upcycling to create toys and plant containers for indoor gardens. We participated in an art contest and won a mini Green Team grant from DSNY and CitizensNYC to support our plans to clean up and weigh litter in our school’s neighborhood and to plant flowers and herbs. We align our learning with our school’s mission to incorporate sustainability.

P141K@MS35 has students in grades K-8. There are 15 classes with ratios of 12:1:1 and 6:1:1. The site has a fully functional kitchen with a refrigerator, ovens, stovetop, microwave and a variety of cooking utensils. Students have the opportunity to practice activities of daily living when using the kitchen including: following step by step directions written in recipes, sequencing cooking tasks, problem solving, mathematics & measurements as well as cleaning up their work area when finished. These skills encourage independence and develop responsibility.

P141K@IS71 has students in grades 6-10 in five classes with 12:1:4 and 6:1:1 ratios. In addition, there is a middle and high school inclusion program. Our IS71 site has a hydroponics lab that allows students to participate in gardening activities year-round. From seed to fruit, our students have the opportunity to witness the plant life cycle. Students choose which seeds they want to plant and they observe the growing process from start to finish. Students have grown everything from lettuce to eggplant using our hydroponic system. This multi-sensory experience includes activities such as planting, watering, measuring data, harvesting, preparing recipes, and more!

Photos of hydroponics lab

P141K@P54K has students in grades K-5. Our six classrooms have ratios of 12:1:1 and 6:1:1. Due to generous funding from GROW NYC and Department of Sanitations Green Team Grant, P141k @ PS54 is building a new garden for the school. A small group of teachers are heading up the project with support from the school wide green team. We look forward to sharing our latest project with the community and picking the fruits of our labor. Stay tuned for more!

P141K @P380 has students in grades PreK-5 with students in 8:1:2, 12:1:4 and 6:1:1 ratios. The site is our school’s largest program with 16 classes. The site has a community garden, which allows for an outdoor learning space during our summer school Chapter 683 program.

At this site, our outdoor garden has three raised beds where our community grows lemon balm, mint, and stevia to package tea with our students. We also grow basil and tomatoes and use the ingredients to share healthy snacks at our school and family events. We have a focus on healthy eating and look for opportunities to share new recipes and encourage our community to have fun trying new things to eat.

In addition to gardening and healthy eating, we have a focus on social-emotional learning and have been incorporating yoga and meditation for our students during their morning meetings. We also have a partnership with Materials for the Arts (MFTA), and students have different times throughout the year to make their own instruments, participate in sing-alongs, and produce their own art work through watercolors and the study of plants to share in our school's art galleries and online celebrations.