Site Information

P141K@MS2 is the school’s main site. The site has students in grades K-8 in six classrooms all with a 12:1:1 ratio. The site hosts dance classes in the building dance room, and has hosted our wellness grant committee, which has started a recycling program in the school.

P141K@MS35 has students in grades K-8. There are 15 classes with ratios of 12:1:1 and 6:1:1. The school hosts our middle school afterschool program and has partnered with collocated schools to trial inclusion opportunities for students in elementary classes.

P141K@IS71 has students in grades 6-10 in five classes with 12:1:4 and 6:1:1 ratios. The site also has a middle and high school inclusion program. The site has a school garden, hydroponics lab and greenhouse and hosts the P141K Green Team.

P141K@P380 has students in grades PreK-5 with students in 8:1:2, 12:1:4 and 6:1:1 ratios. The site has a community garden and hosts our summer school Chapter 683 program. The site is our school’s largest program with 16 classes.

P141K@P54K has students in grades K-5. Classes have ratios of 12:1:1 and 6:1:1. This site also has classes utilizing verbal behavior structures.