Vision - It is our vision that all 141K students will be active participants in their learning. Their road to independence with us will be paved through exposure to college and career readiness skills leading them to further independence.

Mission - It is our mission at 141K to value the voice of our students. We are inspired by what our students share, and we want them to be heard at all times. Each day students will be given opportunities to make a choice and use their voice throughout all of their learning experiences and daily interactions. Students will share their opinions and ideas with others. They will share what they learned and what they know. They will show their independence and have a voice in their learning. This mission will be evident in a safe, trusting, risk-free environment. We as educators and facilitators will make instructional decisions to provide our students access to choice and voice, and we will highlight their learning and growth throughout our professional learning communities.

District 75 Goal and Priority alignment to the Chancellor's Pillars and Department of Education Divisional Goals

District 75 Goal Priority Alignment Chart.pdf